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Re: A new project?
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  • The old tank started to leak. Was weeping out of a pin hole I believe. Went down to a motorcycle shop near me who deals with harley parts vintage to new. Really awesome place and they helped me out a lot. Bought a new tank came home didn't fit... Ran back up with my old tank and said this is the length I need. We went through some of the tanks and this one caught my eye. I had to weld on new brackets cause it was too short for the bolt hole in the frame but that's okay. They said at the shop that someone modified my old tank... Had to modify the new one to fit. Got it fitted yesterday ran out of light and time so I continued today. You can see the old tank in the picture when the new one is mounted to the bike. Yesterday the plugs got changed and it sat with fresh plugs not fired yet till I get this tank finished and mounted up. Will try to get video of it running again after I tune it. Was considering buying a gopro to start taking on rides let me know what you think. To be continued...
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