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Cars / Re: 1967 buick special
« Last post by Mr.Blue on August 03, 2022, 11:33:04 AM »
That's a nice car for sure! Station wagon?
Cars / 1967 buick special
« Last post by Rooch on July 21, 2022, 09:53:12 PM »
Picked up a 67 buick special last month. Has a 300 v8 with a buick turbine glide and 10 bolt rear... Motor is locked solid so it's coming out and a 350 small block and th350 or Chevy powerglide is going back in.
Nonsense / Minecraft Server (1.16.4 Survival)
« Last post by pr0t0typ3 on March 23, 2021, 08:40:32 PM »
Not sure if anyone is interested but I made a server a few months ago for some friends of mine to chill on and figured I'd see if anyone here was interested in joining.

It is still somewhat in development so the server may be rebooted once in awhile to reload configs.

It's run on 1.16.4 so you'll need to join with that version and you will need to be running a legit copy or it won't let you join, it's admittedly not very active so you'll probably be alone most of the time though I try to hop on daily when I can.

You can /fly by default and it's normal difficulty. It currently is running spigot and we have a few plugins for currency, grief prevention etc.

The IP is: if it doesn't let you join you can dm me for the direct IP (I've had one person unable to use the domain I'm not sure what the issue was).
I am still here. Thanks for remembering me!
RIP, i will always remember this server and callicaddy. my childhood is there. it's in my blood. Rest easy king
Sadly, the server is dead  :'(
hello. as a kid i used to play on this server and this is one of my favorite server. I remember a player called Callicaddy who was online the whole time on the sever. i cant find the new IP or know if the server still exist or not. i tried but its not the IP. i would like to know the new IP. also if anyone knows callicaddy i'd like to know where they are and know more about them

sachin mahesh
aka thrust burn
Nonsense / Re: TruckersMP-American truck sim
« Last post by Silver_420 on January 31, 2021, 04:40:37 AM »
Hell ya. I got my g27 out. Been lovin every min of it.  Lol
Covid lock down.  - time well spent lol!
Nonsense / Re: TruckersMP-American truck sim
« Last post by Mr.Blue on January 30, 2021, 06:33:59 PM »
That's awesome. I gotta look that up. Time to dust off my ol G27 lol
Nonsense / TruckersMP-American truck sim
« Last post by Silver_420 on January 28, 2021, 06:00:04 PM »
Hello everyone. just thought id throw this out there
Been playing TruckersMp on ATS
few old stoners play still. would be awesome to see some more.
 ive created a company on  feel free to join
Company name : Big Buds Shipping.Co
Discord :
Mp mod :
Server : USA simulation 1
come on down for a convoy!

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