Author Topic: Minecraft Server (1.16.4 Survival)  (Read 11811 times)

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Minecraft Server (1.16.4 Survival)
« on: March 23, 2021, 08:40:32 PM »
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  • Not sure if anyone is interested but I made a server a few months ago for some friends of mine to chill on and figured I'd see if anyone here was interested in joining.

    It is still somewhat in development so the server may be rebooted once in awhile to reload configs.

    It's run on 1.16.4 so you'll need to join with that version and you will need to be running a legit copy or it won't let you join, it's admittedly not very active so you'll probably be alone most of the time though I try to hop on daily when I can.

    You can /fly by default and it's normal difficulty. It currently is running spigot and we have a few plugins for currency, grief prevention etc.

    The IP is: if it doesn't let you join you can dm me for the direct IP (I've had one person unable to use the domain I'm not sure what the issue was).


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