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ACME_Corporation in Uncharted Waters Online (Amsterdam)
« on: May 03, 2019, 12:18:33 PM »
Welcome to ACME_Corporation! ACME_Corporation is the "official STONED FreeRoam company" in UWO founded by several STONED FreeRoam members. Over the years, we have managed to attract a few other UWO players that joined the journey with us to make our company even better. We are based in Amsterdam and the players of any nation and level are welcome to apply.

Here are some company information:

  • ACME_Corporation

  • CaliCaddy46

Deputy directors
  • Wsp

  • Amsterdam

Time zone
  • None specified

Nation and level requirements
  • Any nation
  • Any level

Chat language
  • English is the primary chat language, but members can speak any language.

Member requirements
  • Be a decent human being.
  • Have fun!

Company specializations
  • There is no set specializations, we have members experienced in various parts of the game.

General atmosphere
  • We would like to make the Company as a pressure-free environment. Members are welcomed to play as their play style seems fit, as long as it does not violate the piracy rule specified below.
  • If you are in need of help, do not hesitate to ask any other Company members; however, be a decent human being and use common sense when asking for help. Don't forget to show appreciation if you received help.
    If a Company member needs help, be a decent human being and try to find ways to help as much as you can.

  • Once you apply to the Company, you will be contacted shortly through in-game PM. Please indicate if you are invited by a current member, or if you are a known STONED FreeRoam player that decided to have a different character name for UWO.
    If not, the director will have a chat with you first, might ask you a few questions and you will be accepted to the Company after that.
  • If the director appears to be away from keyboard, the process can be delayed, but don't give up! Usually applications are processed within a few hours. Try to contact the deputy directors if it gets delayed too long for your liking.
  • If an applicant is never seen online after applying, no information other than the name is visible to the director or deputy directors, and we cannot accept such applications.

A few important amenities
  • Ranked one of the top companies in Amsterdam every month with various Superior Company perks
  • Company liner being operated between Amsterdam and Tamsui
  • Fully developed, coloured ore producing Company Colony located in New France
    with other facilities and interactive tools such as R3 shipyard, immigration NPCS, etc
  • and more you will find in-game here and there!

Monthly contribution/Aide fleet
  • Members are highly recommended to send one of their aides to join our monthly Aide fleet. Joining aide fleet allows us to have chances of getting monthly contribution points twice with less work involved.
    Our aide fleet will be participating every month and anyone is welcomed to send aides of any level, condition, trait points, and job.
    However, if for some reason it is impossible to send an aide, the old-fashioned monthly item delivery contribution is also acceptable.
    With the introduction of the new monthly item delivery contribution system in the Order of the Prince Chapter 3 update, the importance of sending aide has been strengthened, so please consider it as the primary method of monthly contribution.

Company storage
  • We have a Company storage located in the Amsterdam company office. There are a specific set of rules which you are informed at the time of authorization. Please contact the director or deputy directors if you have any questions regarding to the Company storage.

  • Piracy or privateer actions are allowed as long as the target is not another Company member.

  • Alts are allowed in the Company, up to 2 per player, as long as the alts often sail together with the main or often become online for other tasks (bazaar, etc).
  • Alt company is present in Amsterdam with the name of "Entertainment_720". However, it will stay inactive as long as we have space in our main company. Alt company colony is being built and it has features our main colony does not have, so it is recommended to register the colony. Contact the director for registering alt company colony.

Company discord chat
  • We have a Discord server (text only - no voice). It is not mandatory to join the Discord server; however, it is recommended to always stay up to date with the announcements, and important updates.
    It also can be used to easily share screenshots or any other entries that would normally be difficult to do with in-game chat, reach offline players, or any other entries that seem fit.
    For general chat, please use in-game Company chat while you are in game.
  • Contact the director for the invitation code to the Discord server.

Any other questions
  • Please contact the director or deputy directors about any other questions regarding to the Company.
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