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TDU2 / Possible Replacement?
« on: June 22, 2016, 07:20:21 AM »
I wasn't sure where to post this so I just posted in the TDU board.
I was wondering for the stoners that played TDU2, and how we never found a proper "replacement" for it, I figured I'd at least bring up Horizon 3.
It will be a cross-play game between Xbox One/One S and PC.
In my honest opinion Horizon 2 was a damn good game and it was definitely fun to play and had a decent sized map with plenty of vehicles to drive. Horizon 3 will have even more and it will be on PC so I guess I'd at least mention it for any who may be interested.
The video it shows the trailer along with the E3 on-stage demo with some gameplay and demonstrations.

If you aren't interested in the trailer, the actual demonstration starts at 1:43.
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Modifications / For Silver
« on: August 22, 2013, 03:04:13 PM »
There you go.
Remember to backup files!

Role Play Mode / Rubidium's Coffee Shop
« on: August 17, 2013, 05:28:00 PM »
Rubidium's Coffee Shop (Previously known as Misty's)
ID 144 San Fierro - San Andreas.

- Prices:

- Dealers: 3360.000000
- Customers: 6720.000000.

- Weed Menu:

- Silver
- Silver Bud
- Silver Haze
- Purple Haze
- Sour Diesel
- California Kush
- Skunk
- Super Skunk
- Skunk Gold
- Shiva
- K-2
- White Widow
- Jack Herer
- Northern Light
- Northern Light Special

- Snacks Menu:

- Snickers - $0.99
- Twix - $0.99
- M&Ms - $0.99
- Skittles - $0.99

- Drinks Menu

- Coffee - $1.59
- Vodka (with or with out orange juice) - $3.99 w/out OJ $4.50 w/ OJ.
- Milk - $0.99
- Chocolate Milk - $1.29
- Beer $6.99

- Food Menu:

- Grilled Cheese Sandwich - $2.99
- Cheese Burger w/ Fries - $5.99

Inactive section / Inactive (To be decided)
« on: August 08, 2013, 05:39:47 AM »
As the title says, I might be going in active (on the most part, I still have partial access to a computer and using RakSAMP).

I had recently gotten a new Coolermaster case and I moved everything into the new case, but my motherboard is broken in many places because Dell can't make decent shit for their life (my fault for getting a Dell in the first place). Also, when I ripped the motherboard out of the old case, I lost the wifi in my computer. And I also tried removing the CD drive but the right side of the case was installed and held into place with rivets. So I ended up destroying the case. (Got the CD drive out). Also, my power supply's chords are a bit short so I need a new PSU as well.

All boring shit aside (if you even bothered to read that above paragraph), I am deciding between selling everything except the case and using that money to invest in a new dirtbike, keep the money, or take that money and invest in a shitty laptop for the time being.

Introduction / Takashi
« on: July 31, 2013, 03:38:10 AM »
Ingame Name: Takashi/Rubidium
Real Name: Tobi
Country: Russia [from, not living]
Age: N/A [I have household items older than most of you, just a hint]
Birthday: N/A
Gender: Male
Playing SA-MP/MTA Race Since: I'm old, but not that old.
Playing on STONED Since: 4th of August, 2010

There isn't much to say about myself, used to be an administrator and now retired as a Forum Admin.
I casually play First Person Shooters, racing games, and play Minecraft time to time.

Skype: N/A, don't ask.
Steam: Rubidium
TDU2: Rubidium
GWFL (GTAIV): Rubideum

Nonsense / Found a New Game
« on: July 13, 2013, 07:00:35 AM »
So I was looking through the games on sale on Steam, and I came across a game game called FUEL™. I tried the demo and it was a pretty cool game. Bought the game for myself and Roy. Only reason I'm saying this is because it has multiplayer freeroam, that and I got it for $2.49 for both me and Roy because of the Steam sale. If anyone else has/is interested in buying it, post here :P

Nonsense / Unigine: Benchmarks
« on: March 02, 2013, 05:34:31 AM »
I would like to share with you, some benchmarking tools that I got word of from the NVIDIA page on Facebook.
They shared the link for one of these programs (Valley) and I figured I would share with you all.
These programs can benchmark and record the outcome, or you can just watch the pretty scenery, or fly around, or if you don't like heights.. you can walk too!
When you aren't benchmarking, you can change the time and weather as well to your liking to see how your GPU does.
Valley is a wonderful program (in my thoughts, also the ONLY one I've tried so far) and I found it amusing to use a program like this, with it having another use other than benchmarking. So here are the links.

This is if you want to read up on each product:

I used Valley and it is pretty good from the quick benchmark I wanted to do.

Direct downloads:
Windows Download

Direct downloads:

Direct downloads:

Direct downloads:

Nonsense / Happy New Years
« on: January 01, 2013, 06:23:10 AM »
Thought I'd do it, because I can.
Happy New Years. Make the best of 2013.

Nonsense / Battlefield 3 Platoon
« on: December 01, 2012, 09:01:51 PM »
If you happen to have Battlefield 3 for the PC, join our platoon!
Battlelog: STONED Freeroam

Takashi (xTobieh)
Roy1337 (xRoyeh13)
Toni (anthonyntang)
Lazee (MrLazzee)

Nonsense / The Computer Specs Topic!
« on: October 13, 2012, 01:07:31 AM »
Anything related to computers specs wise! This includes PC building projects, planned upgrades and current specs. (Mostly for me so I don't forget :P)

Current/New Build

Case: Cooler Master Storm Stryker Full Tower
OS: Windows 10 Professional 64-bit
Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-7700K @ 4.2GHz (8 CPUs)
CPU Cooler: EVGA CLC 120mm Liquid
Motherboard: ASRock Z270 Taichi
RAM: G.SKILL Trident Z 32GB @ 3200MHz (4x8GB)
Storage: SanDisk Ultra II 960GB (SSD)
Monitors: ASUS VN247HP 24" 1ms; 1920x1080 (x2)
PSU: Corsair RMx 750W 80+ Gold
Keyboard/Mouse: Logitech G910 RGB/G300S
Headset/Speakers: Corsair VOID 7.1 USB/Logitech z506
Controllers: Logitech F310/Logitech G27+Thrustmaster TH8A

Inactive section / Going to be inactive for around 2 weeks.
« on: August 02, 2012, 01:39:25 AM »
I still have my laptop but its not as good as it used to be for SAMP. My graphics card exploded (literally) and I had to send my PC out today, should be back in around 2 weeks or so.

Modifications / How to Create Backups
« on: July 16, 2012, 04:12:10 PM »
I have see this a few times and decided to make a tutorial on how to make backups.
A key to doing this is having folders and a good organized way of keeping backups considering all of the files SA contains that need to be replaced for all the mods that are out there. This focuses on car mods or anything in the IMG files.

It is always good to make a backup of the whole IMG file (in this case gta3.img) and to have individual files "GTA SA Texture Backups"

Starting with a fresh install of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, go to your San Andreas directory, and go to Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\models and copy whatever IMG file you are going to mod and place it in another folder. After that, open up an IMG editor (I recommend Alci's IMG Editor 1.5) and open the IMG file up. After you open it up, press Ctrl + A to select all the files, and click export.

After that, open up to where you want the files to go and make sure you make a new folder and place them in there. In my case it would be GTA SA Back-Ups/GTA SA Texture Backups.

All done! Now you have a clean gta3.img and independent files!


Alci's IMG Editor:

Role Play Mode - Sales / Selling my DFT.
« on: June 28, 2012, 06:30:20 AM »
All the info you need is provided below.
(I shall fill the tank if someone buys it, so ignore the gas.
I wish to get 70-90k out of it. Please try not to immediately offer 70k.

Nonsense / In-activeness
« on: May 18, 2012, 02:57:25 AM »
Because I finally remembered my login.... I figured I'd post this (better late than never :P).
I have no computer and still waiting on that damn check, I have no idea when it is coming in (could be tomorrow, next week, next month) so I will post this. Takashi is inactive.
I will see you all sometime... hopefully.

Nonsense / Our drunk night....
« on: April 08, 2012, 01:43:47 PM »
I don't have the full logs because I timed out. Johnny should have a video for some of it as well... :P
[08:36:38.57] Session started at 08/04/2012
[08:36:38.753] Hello Takashi, Welcome back to STONED FreeRoam.
[08:36:44.697] Takashi: i crsh
[08:36:44.882] Takashi: :(
[08:36:54.156] liveorfall: i feel like crashong lol
[08:36:56.95] Sky_collapsed: i love this lambo
[08:37:08.881] liveorfall: tak  ask memphos
[08:37:14.849] Takashi: where he is?
[08:37:15.838] Johnny_Pham: Memphis is asleep lol
[08:37:21.684] liveorfall: or i will ro marow
[08:37:22.311] Takashi: :9
[08:37:29.11] Takashi: IT IS TOMOROW
[08:37:30.179] liveorfall: probrobluy slepinbg
[08:37:33.882] Takashi: yus
[08:37:39.607] liveorfall: s;eeping*I
[08:37:43.348] liveorfall: grrr
[08:37:45.272] Takashi: sleepz
[08:38:11.818] liveorfall: ill ask nec tim i tlk to min
[08:38:22.636] Jastin_Stallone died.
[08:38:24.71] liveorfall: unleess ui see him fiorst
[08:38:35.474] liveorfall: i gutta work tmarrow
[08:38:42.47] Roy1337: yes my cat likes Plastic Tak :P
[08:38:42.618] Takashi: it is tomorow
[08:38:45.243] Ahmad_Farhan was killed until he died from it by Arash.
[08:38:49.500] Takashi: :O!
[08:38:49.544] Roy1337: yes
[08:38:49.573] liveorfall: so you may see him befor meh
[08:38:55.18] Arash died.
[08:38:57.127] Johnny_Pham: Same here
[08:39:02.377] 2PAC: t
[08:39:04.181] Takashi: i r has go 2 aunts aparently
[08:39:05.726] Takashi: :(
[08:39:09.492] Johnny_Pham: :l
[08:39:16.149] Jastin_Stallone fell on his flat-ass face.
[08:39:19.891] IP of tuanthanh is
[08:39:19.893] Hello tuanthanh, Welcome to STONED FreeRoam.
[08:39:25.974] Johnny_Pham: Btw Taka which ped of Hastune miku you have.
[08:39:34.569] Takashi: one i haz now
[08:39:39.779] Johnny_Pham: Project Diva 2 or Dreamy Theater?
[08:39:41.525] Arash fell on his flat-ass face.
[08:39:41.565] Johnny_Pham: Yes
[08:39:46.225] Takashi: idk
[08:39:52.516] liveorfall: srry tsk  but ican break rules anymurp
[08:39:53.339] Takashi: roy haz 2
[08:39:55.478] Takashi: he can halp
[08:40:03.818] Johnny_Pham: Oh
[08:40:14.753] Johnny_Pham: I need to find my high def Hatsune miku :x
[08:40:23.59] IP of Ron_Pitre is
[08:40:23.59] Welcome to STONED FreeRoam Ron_Pitre.
[08:40:36.431] Ron_Pitre: I want a mathafacking hippo for xmas
[08:40:37.894] liveorfall: i dot dubt it
[08:40:39.470] Ron_Pitre: cos im lasdajkhfskjhskajghs
[08:40:40.592] Ron_Pitre: YEY
[08:40:42.321] Ahmad_Farhan has left.
[08:40:43.726] Vehicle 120(0) has been recycled.
[08:40:43.798] liveorfall: domt*
[08:40:47.723] Takashi: My gun is filled with bullets, my body is filled with vodka, all is good!
[08:40:56.313] Johnny_Pham: Brb
[08:40:57.108] Johnny_Pham is away from keyboard.
[08:40:59.324] Takashi: o:? how id id that?
[08:41:02.162] IP of Ahmad_Farhan is
[08:41:02.163] Welcome to STONED FreeRoam Ahmad_Farhan.
[08:41:15.167] liveorfall: but on;y memphid givrd pk fpr me to give greatrigve
[08:41:23.195] liveorfall: lol
[08:41:33.385] 2PAC: ww`w
[08:41:34.64] liveorfall: fail seplling totaly
[08:41:41.452] Don't ram/smash/hit/shoot/kill other players/vehicles.
[08:41:41.453] Cheating is allowed in freeroam only.
[08:41:41.453] No carjacking/stealing. Don't annoy other players, be nice.
[08:41:41.955] Takashi: speeling?
[08:41:44.152] 2PAC: ww`w
[08:41:47.434] liveorfall: yea that
[08:41:51.39] tuanthanh: hey
[08:41:51.982] Takashi: O:
[08:41:56.824] liveorfall: or not
[08:42:03.481] liveorfall: idk atm  lolx
[08:42:05.694] Takashi: u good? xD
[08:42:14.816] Johnny_Pham is back again.
[08:42:18.961] liveorfall: im not good
[08:42:23.907] Johnny_Pham: He drunk
[08:42:25.714] Takashi: y nawt?
[08:42:30.698] liveorfall: completleyu fucked atz
[08:42:34.08] Takashi: eat crackerz
[08:42:38.964] Takashi: liek i doing rite nao
[08:42:45.44] Takashi: i fel beter.
[08:42:47.551] Takashi: bit?
[08:42:51.362] Ahmad_Farhan: tp 7
[08:43:00.798] Roy1337: yea but you still type like sheeit :P
[08:43:02.802] Jastin_Stallone was blown to bits by Ahmad_Farhan.
[08:43:09.223] liveorfall: drank to mcih lik usual
[08:43:11.598] Takashi: u can understand meh nao, rite?
[08:43:18.499] liveorfall: kinda
[08:43:22.222] Johnny_Pham: Live want me to drive you? lol
[08:43:25.634] Takashi: i meen roy
[08:43:27.462] Johnny_Pham: So you can type
[08:43:29.700] Takashi: we is on sktpez
[08:43:37.491] Roy1337: yea i guess a little bit :P
[08:43:37.761] Jastin_Stallone was blown to bits by Ahmad_Farhan.
[08:43:38.795] liveorfall: im k to frive myself  thnak
[08:43:41.103] liveorfall: +s
[08:43:42.274] Johnny_Pham: Lol
[08:43:44.514] Ahmad_Farhan: hehe !
[08:43:46.256] Takashi: exacary
[08:43:51.36] Ahmad_Farhan was killed until he died from it by Arash.
[08:43:55.822] 2PAC: `
[08:43:59.136] liveorfall: if you drive me   ill pass out lol
[08:44:02.445] Johnny_Pham: Lol
[08:44:08.947] Johnny_Pham: Wait that wa perfect
[08:44:12.984] Johnny_Pham has been muted for spamming(24 sec).
[08:44:12.984] Johnny_Pham: that was*
[08:44:14.304] Roy1337: but the rest of the people dont have that luxury :P
[08:44:17.256] liveorfall: wwo clear spellungh lolw
[08:44:36.365] 2PAC: common\
[08:44:39.317] Ahmad_Farhan died.
[08:44:39.673] 2PAC: `
[08:44:40.372] Johnny_Pham has been unmuted.
[08:44:48.303] liveorfall: ill be god tomarrow nignt   nor drink
[08:44:52.572] Vehicle 27(0) has been recycled.
[08:44:52.841] Johnny_Pham: Lol
[08:44:53.157] tuanthanh has left.
[08:44:56.774] liveorfall: work early morning
[08:45:00.344] Takashi: hahaha noep
[08:45:02.172] Eddie_Quin has left.
[08:45:24.476] liveorfall: arsk m inportand stuff tern
[08:45:31.977] liveorfall: ooooh
[08:45:33.165] Takashi: important? where?
[08:45:35.808] liveorfall:  chps
[08:45:36.912] Takashi: O:
[08:45:39.818] IP of Eddie_Quin is
[08:45:39.819] Welcome to STONED FreeRoam Eddie_Quin.
[08:45:39.820] Mute time was not over yet, 40 seconds added. (8580 seconds to go)
[08:45:39.907] liveorfall: idk
[08:45:46.33] Takashi: is where?
[08:45:47.313] 2PAC: w`
[08:45:49.681] Takashi: i confuzed
[08:46:10.674] Jastin_Stallone was killed until he died from it by Arash.
[08:46:17.598] liveorfall: who ever honnkim g  i cock spalyupu
[08:46:30.791] Johnny_Pham: Lol it's keeping you awak :x
[08:46:34.313] Johnny_Pham: awake*
[08:46:37.362] liveorfall: lol
[08:46:56.438] Ahmad_Farhan has left.
[08:46:59.255] liveorfall: sprry tak   i9f me no maske sencd
[08:47:09.662] Johnny_Pham: Lol
[08:47:11.939] Takashi: u no maek sebse?
[08:47:16.951] Takashi: i nom ake sence
[08:47:17.920] IP of Ahmad_Farhan is
[08:47:17.922] Welcome to STONED FreeRoam Ahmad_Farhan.
[08:47:34.314] liveorfall: adke me tomatturq.later if yu want aguud answer
[08:47:43.432] Takashi: k
[08:48:06.579] Johnny_Pham: Live type /drunk and drive lol
[08:48:14.676] liveorfall: ment tomarrow?latwetr*
[08:48:14.939] 2PAC: w`
[08:48:19.711] Takashi: yus
[08:48:20.695] liveorfall: grree
[08:48:23.402] liveorfall: lul
[08:48:25.576] Takashi: go sleep now
[08:48:34.317] Takashi: so u get teh sleepz
[08:48:37.558] liveorfall: camnt type wortyha dutv
[08:48:41.39] Don't ram/smash/hit/shoot/kill other players/vehicles.
[08:48:41.40] Cheating is allowed in freeroam only.
[08:48:41.41] No carjacking/stealing. Don't annoy other players, be nice.
[08:48:46.923] liveorfall: need a new car
[08:48:47.526] Ahmad_Farhan has left.
[08:48:55.167] liveorfall: woa   clear typing
[08:48:56.738] Takashi: teel them u need sleepz
[08:49:02.226] Sky_collapsed: lol drink driving
[08:49:07.826] Ron_Pitre: Arash, do I have to personally type out all the damn rules for you? Is /r not enough?
[08:49:08.733] IP of Ahmad_Farhan is
[08:49:08.733] Welcome to STONED FreeRoam Ahmad_Farhan.
[08:49:09.604] Johnny_Pham: Live why don't you go to bed then
[08:49:11.739] Don't ram/smash/hit/shoot/kill other players/vehicles.
[08:49:11.740] Cheating is allowed in freeroam only.
[08:49:11.742] No carjacking/stealing. Don't annoy other players, be nice.
[08:49:16.562] Arash: ok sorry
[08:49:18.381] Takashi: be all liek 'need sleepz, soz can't work'
[08:49:18.524] 2PAC died.
[08:49:22.62] Ron_Pitre: Thank you
[08:49:23.806] 2PAC: shoot
[08:49:25.94] Takashi: :d
[08:49:26.763] Jastin_Stallone died.
[08:49:36.910] Ron_Pitre: bah, how do you turn drunk off? xD
[08:49:41.825] Takashi:  /sober
[08:49:42.893] Jastin_Stallone has left.
[08:49:46.03] Roy1337:  /sober..
[08:49:46.149] Sky_collapsed: oh god. how do you stop the drunk cam
[08:49:50.401] Ron_Pitre: Thanks
[08:49:53.65] Takashi: yw
[08:50:06.518] liveorfall: gomnna suck ar work tomarrow
[08:50:11.947] liveorfall: but idc
[08:50:16.856] Ron_Pitre hits the bong.
[08:50:17.293] Takashi: i go sleepz nao, i maek sense l8ter
[08:50:17.473] Arash: Ron friends?
[08:50:19.174] Takashi: k?
[08:50:19.276] Ahmad_Farhan: why 2pc?
[08:50:21.133] Johnny_Pham: Lol
[08:50:25.702] Arash: Ron friends?
[08:50:25.953] 2PAC: whay?
[08:50:29.93] liveorfall: gonn fund anoter4d job anyways
[08:50:29.676] 2PAC: what?
[08:50:30.12] Sky_collapsed: be back soon
[08:50:33.351] Ahmad_Farhan: what wrong
[08:50:34.108] Sky_collapsed has left.
[08:50:34.805] Takashi: bye :p
[08:50:39.534] 2PAC: nothing
[08:50:40.613] Takashi died.
[08:50:43.404] Arash: Ron Pitre friends?
[08:51:07.20] Takashi go sleepz nao
[08:51:14.79] SERVER: Unknown command.
[08:51:14.408] Roy1337: bye Tak
[08:51:19.475] Ahmad_Farhan was killed until he died from it by 2PAC.
[08:51:20.909] 2PAC: what?
[08:51:25.508] Takashi will be back later.
[08:51:27.233] Takashi is away from keyboard.

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