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Forum Chat / Leaving SA-MP
« on: September 20, 2014, 11:47:55 PM »
I never thought it'd come down to this... as it technically goes against my word of saying "I'll keep playing until the server can't host anymore."
But I have to say that... I'm leaving Sa-MP forever, after being part of the server for 6 years and watching it develop and then decay... The reason of leaving is that everyone else left the game mostly un announced. I was convinced that doing the same never ending cycle of /working trucking in rp mode became pointless because nobody else is gonna play anymore. The magic of Stoned Freeroam in samp is all dried up as well as GTA SA itself being almost 10 years old, and will continue to age older!

I can't sell any of my stuff since I am literally the only person left that was keeping rp mode going. But now I realized I got better things to do on my weekends... It's just time to let it go... since nothing lasts forever. The game has served me pretty well after all these years being installed on this one computer that I still have today, but I'm also getting a slightly better computer from a friend which is another reason I'm giving up playing SA-MP (even though this next computer can run gta).

So I am saying goodbye to SA-MP and moving on... and there will be no special year 300 cars.

Role Play Mode - Sales / [ENDED] Bidding WAR!
« on: August 23, 2014, 07:08:17 PM »
Good afternoon guys, it's another weekend and for this week I feel like I want to sell another one of my unique stat vehicles that I have sitting in my inventory. Unlike last time where I sold a car for 50 million, this one is gonna be an airplane.

Stats are~

Color: Blue
Fuel capacity: 350L
Load capacity: 3,000 with the last load being Car Parts.
It was bought in 9/3/97 (making it 197 rp years old by year 294)
Upgraded: Yes
Current Health is at 964 since this thing damages very easily from just taxiing around due to awkward hitboxes.
Total distance traveled is 5633km, making it the current highest distance aircraft to be confirmed to exist.

Operational History: I've bought this plane to try and be sort of an air-trucker back in the day by /loading and /unloading stuff from the air and it's got a surprisingly high load capacity for it's size, especially when I upgraded it. The majority of it's distance came from just hauling stuff through the air to the export, though this plane is very slow which made trips long and dreary. I've also had this plane model modified to change the hitboxes so it could land in rougher areas like the mine to truck ore to the steel mills, and we all know how much of a gold mine that place is by now, though don't try to land a vanilla Cropduster in the mine... It'll get damaged from the hard landing.

The Starting Bid: 45k
Ending Bid: 1.75 Million
Bidding war will end tonight at 8:00pm EST with the highest bidder getting the prize.

Place your bids right here on this topic.

The Bidding war is now over with the plane being sold to Vtech for 1.75 million dollars.

Forum Chat / Bringing Back an old Classic
« on: August 01, 2014, 04:11:56 PM »
Yes guys, I'm gonna bring back part of an old classic name that I used in the much earlier days of samp stoned.
The reason I'm posting this as a "topic" so it'll get the attention of admins that are able to help with the name change process which is quite a hassle! It's a good thing I don't own much properties but I do have a lot of vehicles, including unique stats vehicles!

Anyways, I've came up with a few names for you guys to look at and tell me which one you'd like the most.

current name = Jeff_Dragon72
Classic Name = Latios










following with the name change... I do know very clearly that player stats will not carry over to the new name but I don't really care about them at this point... even if i did put over 30,000 km on my current name in rp.

I have decided that Latios is gonna be the name i'm gonna change into, because it has a very old id with it "Id 7", making it a true classic Stoned name... and I am a Latios so... Laaatiiii!~
All the random names above that I've came up with will just be scrapped.

~Update 2~
My name has been successfully changed to Latios for Rp thanks to a good old friend, Munch!

*Topic locked*

Role Play Mode - Sales / Two Gasstations for sale [SOLD]
« on: June 13, 2014, 04:55:25 PM »
I'm selling two gas station properties 149 (Dillimore) and 139 (Juniper Hill, San Fierro) for a price way far below the State's sale price.

139 got sold to Jump_Dafuq
149's got sold to Rooch

I'm not gonna bother posting pictures of the props because I can imagine you guys know what they look like by now.

Both stations are sold now.

Rule Breakers Report Section / Reporting Josesito
« on: January 13, 2014, 11:16:03 PM »
Today at 6:00pm Eastern Standard Time, a player named "Josesito" intercepts a friend of mine with a Hydra jet and blatantly shoots at him, then I flash the rules at him about asking permission before pulling the trigger and stuff... but he full on ignores the lines and just starts shooting at ME and thinking he owns the server since there's NO ADMINS on the server again.... the asshole also started spamming the chat AND rockets from his plane.

Sadly again i have no screenshot proof of this event so this topic will probably be passed up... and I also kinda blew up at Josesito and my hands are shaking...

Chat Log

Code: [Select]
[18:01:51.812] Jeff_Dragon72: why would a jet pilot shoot a single man??
[18:02:10.359] Josesito: im jsut practicing in my bombings
[18:02:20.312] Jeff_Dragon72: ._.
[18:02:25.640] Jeff_Dragon72: without permission?
[18:02:29.484] Unpanned vehicle 103.
[18:02:35.187] Josesito died.
[18:02:38.250] Josesito: from who
[18:02:38.656] Welcome to STONED FreeRoam Qpzezoqp.
[18:02:41.78] Jeff_Dragon72: fucking stop that
[18:02:43.453] Josesito: i dont need permision
[18:02:43.515] TerraflareVohyz: Ow you hit me a couple times but I'm resilient
[18:02:59.31] Don't ram/smash/hit/shoot/kill other players/vehicles.
[18:02:59.31] Cheating is allowed in freeroam only.
[18:02:59.31] No carjacking/stealing. Don't annoy other players, be nice.
[18:03:20.921] Josesito: i dont need permision to do what i want to do in this muthafucking  server
[18:03:23.906] Josesito: ok
[18:03:45.437] Logan_Wolverine_420 has timed out.
[18:03:55.875] Jeff_Dragon72: you don't own the server
[18:04:01.515] Josesito: so
[18:04:01.828] Hello Logan_Wolverine_420, Welcome back to STONED FreeRoam.
[18:04:10.578] Josesito: great for the one who does
[18:04:24.984] Jeff_Dragon72: now you're just being a smartass
[18:04:30.703] Jeff_Dragon72: punk
[18:04:40.718] Logan_Wolverine_420: whos being smart?
[18:04:40.828] Qpzezoqp has timed out.
[18:05:00.171] Josesito: smartass^
[18:05:01.734] Jeff_Dragon72: Josesito here
[18:05:17.609] Josesito: im not duing anything
[18:05:27.312] Josesito: imma bomb you now
[18:05:35.484] Jeff_Dragon72: no way
[18:05:38.687] Logan_Wolverine_420: oh  really, oh gammer too i can be a smartass to bub
[18:05:38.859] Welcome to STONED FreeRoam Qpzezoqp.
[18:06:15.843] Logan_Wolverine_420: hey jeff show me  this BIG race track in ls  you made
[18:06:24.312] fonzy420 has timed out.
[18:06:26.156] Hello fonzy420, Welcome back to STONED FreeRoam.
[18:06:41.125] Jeff_Dragon72: apparently this guy doesn't take "no" for an answer
[18:06:44.859] Logan_Wolverine_420: tho i am in rp
[18:07:00.296] Logan_Wolverine_420: come to rp he will bug some one else  lol
[18:07:21.00] Josesito: ey jeff
[18:07:25.828] Josesito: where the hell are u?
[18:07:34.875] Logan_Wolverine_420: japan
[18:07:38.828] Qpzezoqp: im alive!!
[18:07:46.765] Josesito: not you Hing
[18:07:47.718] Josesito: not you Hing
[18:07:48.156] Josesito: not you Hing
[18:07:48.187] Jeff_Dragon72: i keep telling you to stop shooting at me
[18:07:48.593] Josesito has been muted for spamming(32 sec).
[18:07:48.593] Josesito: not you Hing
[18:07:49.859] Logan_Wolverine_420: and away from your dumb ass lol
[18:07:51.390] Jeff_Dragon72: ...
[18:08:01.640] Jeff_Dragon72: I'm reporting

Role Play Mode - Sales / [SOLD] House in Dillimore
« on: January 12, 2014, 11:34:04 PM »
I'm selling my Dillimore house since I hardly ever use it anymore.

Price: 256K Sold to Vtech.
Garage: 2 parking spaces
Climbable: Yes
Interior: No

Nonsense / Jeffray's Art Gallery Thread
« on: January 08, 2014, 10:21:16 PM »
Hello and welcome to my artwork corner of the forums!

Recently I've been starting to post some of my artwork in the Random Pictures Thread but being that that topic is made for randomness, my work would easily be missed and brushed away. So this topic I created will be exclusively for my artwork only.
Each picture posted will have a web link below it that will take you to the source post of the image where you can read the description and such.
If you want to post a comment about my artwork here, please stay on topic. Any off topic or offensive posts will be removed from this thread by either me or another moderator.
If you want to share my artwork on other forums, please ask me for permission first via PM. When sharing, please give me credit and a link to the source post of my artwork you're sharing. Posting my artwork on other sites without my permission and claiming it as your own will result in me wanting it taken down and reported.

The art sites that I actively post artwork in is DeviantART and Fur Affinity as seen in the web links in my signature.
If you have an account on either of these sites, feel free to give me a +watch if you find my work interesting to you.

This is Jeffray The Dragoncraft, aka Sabre471 on DeviantART, aka Jeff_Dragon471 on Fur Affinity and I hope you will all enjoy my artwork, Thank you!

Server Bugs / Strange Connection reject....
« on: December 07, 2013, 05:48:01 PM »
Today... i decided to open Sa-Mp to go on the server today. Immediately I see the player count said "0 / 0" but yet the ping was normally running so i know for a fact that the server is there... I double click and do the usual stuff to get on... the game loads up, it connects, i get the "Welcome to Stoned Freeroam" message and get to the point where i pick my character BUT very shortly before i could do anything... I lose connection to the server and it automatically tries to reconnect but my connection gets rejected for having a bad nickname.

The time frame of this happening between the welcome message and the disconnection lasted for about 11 seconds.

Rule Breakers Report Section / Reporting a Harassing Player
« on: December 01, 2013, 04:23:45 AM »
Tonight... some player named "RUSSIAN_CHEATER" joins the server and starts to constantly harass everyone on the server and claiming to be Admin when he's clearly not. he constantly types in all caps and spams his lines and i believe he's using a translator so there could be grammar errors too.

Also... no admins were here to enforce at the time, letting this punk have a field day.

     Which day did it take place? - today at 11-30-2013
    What was the time when it took place? - somewhere between 10 to 11pm Eastern U.S. time.
    What player name should Administrators look out for? - he at first joined as "Sssasasa" and started to pester me but then changed his name to "RUSSIAN_CHEATER"
    What rules have been broken? - mainly vulgar talk, bashing players, constantly typing in all caps and, spamming.
    Can you provide evidence of this event? (Screen shot or multiple screen shots) - I unfortunately have no screen caps but i will post a chat log between 10 to 11pm.
    Do you have any other information you would like to share that might help Administrators? - Uhm... he doesn't speak english.

Introduction / Jeffray
« on: August 02, 2013, 01:56:21 PM »
I thought i'd introduce myself for the heck of filling theses out and see what happens.

Ingame Name:  Jeff_DRagon72
Real Name:  Jeffray
Country:  United States
Age:  21
Birthday:  November 1991
Gender:  Male
Playing SA-MP/MTA Race Since: 2007 (MTA Race)
Playing on STONED Since:   about 2007~
As you all know, I'm Jeff the dragon and I'm probably one of the finest players who's ever been part of the Stoned Freeroam community. I've went though many names in the past, mainly pokemon names until about '09 and I'm quite known for my driving skill in game... until a minigunner pops in my face and rips my health down in less than a second.  Outside of gta, I like to draw artwork and sketches and post it on DeviantART (I also take money commissions but at the moment i'm rebuilding my price list so it's closed until further notice). Sometimes on rare occasions I post some art here in the Random Pictures thread. I mostly draw Dragons, Jet Fighters Cars and anthro stuff all in my anime-ish/toony style (hold the bambi eyes and tiny mouths). If you want to visit my Da, the link is in my signature below.

Role Play Mode / Racing in RP mode
« on: June 13, 2013, 10:58:54 PM »
I notice how there's little to no racing going on in Roleplay Mode now a days, probably because no one feels like it... BUT i want to bring racing back into rp mode! encourage others to put their driving skill to the test on tracks.

Here's a few racing types to keep in mind:

Normal: Standard race that has a money reward at the end given by the host, 1st place has the best rewards. Sometimes on occasions the 1st place winner gets all while the others get nothing. Host can provide cars for equal difficulty.

Wager Race: This race type you bet anything from money to cars and even houses, Winner takes all. Host provides the cars.

Time Attack: One car is used in this race type where each player must burn a lap time, Winner is determined by the shortest lap time. Host provides the car.

One v. One: This mode, one player challenges another player often with their own cars to race for either money or pinkslips in an arranged race. Please note that any damage that your own cars get will not be covered by the host.

Down below are the race routes I came up with and lined them in red with yellow lines being the start/finish lines.

Course 1: [SPRINT] Dragoline Run
Starts from my Dillimore gas station and ends at my Bone County station, route is relatively straight forward.

Course 2: [CIRCUIT] Aircraft Boneyard
A small circuit race on the dirt roads of Verdant Meadows aircraft graveyard, 3 laps standard.

Course 3: [CIRCUIT] Dam Drift
Originally inspired from the extended version of the popular Big Ear Drift route.
This circuit has a lot of tight turns and bends at the start but forgives with more stable turns the rest of the way. 2 laps standard.
(i believe Lordkire originally came up with this route)

Course 4: [CIRCUIT] Extreme Hills
This course that takes place in the fancy hills of Vinewood makes a dangerous race course.
It puts your car's performance to the ultimate test with steep inclines and sudden tight turns and mostly narrow roads to navigate. You definitely need driving skill if you want to stand a chance in this dangerous circuit.
2 laps standard.

Course 5: [SPRINT] Gas to Fierro
A nice straight forward drive through the country roads with occasional tight bends and ends at the airport of San Fierro.

Course 6: [SPRINT] Shitcreek and Lumberjack
This sprint starts off in the small town of Shitcreek and goes through the country roads of Red County with occasional dirt roads and finally ends at the huge Lumberjack place.

Course 7: [CIRCUIT] Bone County Highway
(suggested by Sceme)
A very high speed track but relatively safe. Does not posses a high risk of drowning your car. Crash damage is possible but because the track is mostly located on desert, driving off track usually doesn't make you crash into anything. Instead of racing against another player, racing against the clock is possible also. 2 laps standard.

Course 8: [CIRCUIT] Refinery
A 3 lap circuit that takes you on a ride past the oil fields and the oil refinery.

Course 9: [CIRCUIT] SF Speedway
This classic MTA-era circuit takes you on a high speed ride around San Fierro, watch out for light posts at the tram terminal. 2 laps standard.

Course 10: [CIRCUIT] SF Waterfront
Very similar to SF Speedway until you get past the boat factory and take the scenic route along the water's edge and through a tunnel. 2 laps standard.

Course 11: [CIRCUIT] Bayside Mountains
A mostly high speed course going through the Bayside Tunnel twice with a couple of hard turns that require hard braking here and there, careful not to fall into the water when going up the off ramp from the highway! 2 laps are standard.

If you have any racing routes of your own that you want to share, post it here so i can see.

Role Play Mode / About the checkpoint based vehicles
« on: April 29, 2013, 12:27:35 PM »
As of recently, i've driven some of the other checkpoint based vehicles and here's my experience.

Romero: the Hearse only pays me once ($300) and all subsequent checkpoints display messages "pick up the body" and no "drop off the body" message, ended up using up all my pay on gas after about 7'sh or so checkpoints. the body drop off checkpoint always seems to be at that farm at the center of the whole state.

Bus and Coach: the bus/coach has a fixed pay of $150 regardless of speed and distance, but to me the travel distance is just TOO LONG. i ended up paying way more for gas than i'm earning... and the Coach is a PIG on gas and costs nearly 4K to refuel and it can barely make 1K when it comes to time to refuel

Trashmaster: never driven it, no idea what it pays, but i do know the vehicle is huge and slow.

Firetruck: never driven it, don't know what pay it has

Ambulance: possibly the best paying checkpoint based job i have driven, base pay is $100 but can vary to as high as $3000 on rare occasions. all i can say is the quicker and more reckless you are driving the van through the checkpoints, the more it pays especially on long distance checkpoints. short checkpoints always pay less than the long distance ones. it can definitely be refueled no problems with the money it generates.

Role Play Mode - Sales / 2 Houses for sale [SOLD!]
« on: April 17, 2013, 12:46:07 AM »
I am selling two houses for reasonable prices.

Sold Out!

House #1 "SC House"
Price: 280,000 SOLD
Location: Palomino "shitcreek" Creek
Garage: yes (2 spaces)
Climbable: yes
Yard space: medium


House #2 "Ryder's House"
Price: 300,000 SOLD
Location: Grove Street, Ganton, Los Santos
Garage: none
Climbable: yes (from standing on a car)
Yard space: large


pictures are down below (as attachments)

Role Play Mode - Sales / Prop 670 (house) is For Sale
« on: November 28, 2012, 12:07:07 AM »
I'm selling off house prop 670 that's in east Los Santos (the retired Colonel's house that you break into on Single player during the mission "Home Invasion")
reason: no longer have a use for it.

price: $500,000 (reserved for iTz_Loccsta)
garage slots: 2
roof type: flat
climbable: no
interior?: yes

Role Play Mode - Sales / Auctioning off cars (contains legendary cars)
« on: November 05, 2012, 12:13:43 AM »
I've decided to do some cleaning up of my car collection of cars i just don't drive anymore, and selling my two legendary cars commanding VERY high prices,  only select few will be able to get these cars (well, except car #2).
the reason i'm doing this is because i'm not as active as i've used to be, and these cars are just sitting around collecting byte dust.

auction closed.

car #1

name: Sabre
year: 52
color: light grey
body style: 2 door coupe
distance: 7241 miles
condition: healthy
price: bid starts at $4,000,000

car #2 (claimed by Mr.Satan)

name: Stretch
year: 47
color: purple and bright turquoise
body style: stretched limousine
distance: 81 miles
condition: dings and bumps
price: $15,000 (buy it now) SOLD

car #3

name: Picador
year: 27
color: dark red
body style: coupe utility
distance: 1860 miles
condition: healthy, experienced hauling goods
price: bid starts at $350,000

car #4

name: Majestic
year: 20
color: grey
body style: 2 door sedan
distance: 2198 miles
condition: healthy
price: bid starts at $280,000

car #5 (1 bid)

name: Bloodring Banger (demo car)
year: 3
color: dark blue
body style: modified sedan
distance: 5773 miles
condition: healthy
price: current bid at: $50,000,000 by Silver_420 Sold to Silver_420

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