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Author Topic: M2MP Updates  (Read 3340 times)

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M2MP Updates
« on: June 04, 2013, 03:00:48 PM »
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  • If there is any news regarding the multiplayer mod for mafia II, post it here.
    I will start it of with a quote from Aaron:

    As the bug tracker is back online I can continue with the update. I've fixed lots of stuff from the bug tracker and even added some new features. (Check wiki for them)

     Don't forget to check the bug tracker and submit any new bugs that are not already on there!

     Now we can say the update WILL be this week, sorry for the delay!

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    Re: M2MP Updates
    « Reply #1 on: June 19, 2013, 01:40:41 AM »
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  •  Posted June 18 2013 by AaronLad  Founder / Project Manager M2-MP Developer From

    Here's the full and pretty much final change log. There's 3 bug that I need to fix before I can update which shouldn't take long.


    - Added guiDestroyElement client native
    - Blips can now be attached to players/vehicles/peds after being created
    - Added putPlayerInVehicle/removePlayerFromVehicle natives
    *- Improved vehicle sync (Fixes laggy sync when vehicle is reversing)
    - Added automatic vehicle respawn (you can also control the timing for this via scripting functions)
    *- Fixed 'm' key not showing map
    - Removed lots of debug information from log file which isn't needed anymore
    - Added getPlayers, getVehicles and getPeds functions to quickly get a table of active players/vehicles/peds
    *- Added server-sided peds for better sync and more control
    - Added setVehicleSpeed/getVehicleSpeed natives
    - Added respawnPlayer/respawnVehicle natives
    *- Quick connect now remembers last information entered
    *- getPlayerMoney is now a shared client/server native
    - time() now returns real time, not server tick count (fixes issues with windows/linux binaries returning different values)
    - Installer now registers a custom URI scheme (m2mp://address)
    - Changed the installer directory file search. This will stop "Invalid directory specified" errors from occurring
    *- Weapons now properly reset after death
    - Fixed a runtime error caused by createHudTimer
    - Cleaner font rendering on large scale fonts (over 1.0 scale - fixes pixelated font when drawing large text)
    *- Fixed issue with camera locking after death
    - Added onClientOpenMap/onClientCloseMap client-side events (You can block opening the map by returning 0 inside onClientOpenMap)
    - Cleaned up the map screen, removed buttons and objective text
    *- Servers can now choose between summer/winter season (setSummer fixed)
    - Fixed problem where gamma correction screen would show when loading m2mp if you had no previous save game
    - Player model is now reset properly when disconnecting from a server
    *- Fixed issue with not being able to enter vehicle after you exit it
    - Added openMap and isMapOpen client natives
    - Game garages can no longer spawn vehicles which caused duplication problems
    - Fixed auto updater
    - Fixed problem with player turning invisible after deleting vehicle whilst inside
    *- Added setVehicleFuel/getVehicleFuel natives
    - Added guiSetInputMasked/guiIsInputMasked client natives
    - Fixed player list in serverbrowser
    - Fixed serverip config bind not being sent with updates when posting to the masterlist
    - Fixed issue where people can post to masterlist with invalid server ip's set
    - Fixed issue where all bans would get duplicated on server start
    - Fixed crash when player is kicked from server
    - The server browser now uses messages boxs for connection messages instead of the black screen with white text
    - Main menu background images changed to a lighter theme
    - Smoother transitions on main menu background images (Fixed background flashing and freezes when loading new image)
    - Fixed sorting in server browser not working correctly when players have 10+ players
    - Fixed getPing() server-side native
    - Added F10 hotkey to hide hud, chat and the localplayer model (Requested for screenshot taking)
    - Fixed speed returning positive value when reversing (also fixes wheels spinning wrong way)
    *- Reversing vehicle animation now works correctly
    *- Vehicle fuel and handbrake states are now synced
    - Server will now automatically close if the <serverip> config setting is invalid

    "Nothing adding about trailers. or passengers ... but its still not complete,
    I added a * next to some ones that were in big need of fixing... cant wait to test it
    Not Released yet as its not complete ,,, Silver420"
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    Re: M2MP Updates
    « Reply #2 on: September 11, 2013, 03:23:30 PM »
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  • Posted by AaronLad on


    Right now I'm working for a company pretty much full-time. I've just not had any free time or the patience to sit down and continue this project, but that doesn't mean I've given up on it (still paying server fee's and what not).

     What we need right now is some good, active developers who're willing to help on this, but finding them isn't easy and I can't just bring people in who I've only just met for security reasons.

     Making this open source is a good idea, but I just don't know if I want the source to this released at it's current stage, but It's something I've been thinking about (But if people want to contribute to this and are good with C++ then they should contact me via PM and we might bring you on instead of waiting for the source to be released)

     I know the next update for this mod is really almost done and I mean only 2-3 thinks need fixing and testing (we can't release without these being fixed - trust me), but as mentioned after working for hours on end the last thing I want todo with my spare time right now is code some more.

     Let me know what you think is the best move right now and maybe it will happen.


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