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The Rules
« on: November 07, 2008, 02:25:37 PM »
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    Player rules:

    • Do not ram/hit/smash/shoot/suicide-bomb/maim/torture/damage/kill/carjack/steal/annoy other players or vehicles. (unless they don't mind, be sure to ask the person first)
    • Modding and cheating is allowed. (if you use stick, make sure your stick distance is enough. (Set the distance in the mOd_sObeit_SA.ini Config file)
    • Be nice. (no name calling etc)
    • There are no rules on what language has to be spoken, as long as rule #3 is not broken.
    • If you get rammed and think about ramming back, see rule #1.
    • No arguments, discussions are okay. (if you don't know the difference, don't start a discussion)
    • If an argument does arise, don't linger on it and don't add fuel to the fire, just drop it.
    • Max 1 bot per player/ip allowed, except when the server is almost full, then no bots at all are allowed.
    • NO vehicle recyclers are allowed. Use of this will get you a warning, then a kick, then a ban.
    • NO Player Crashers are allowed. Using a Player Crasher will get you banned instantly.
    • NO Flooders are allowed. Using a Flooder will get you auto muted and a warning will be issued before a kick or ban will be given. (Note that breaking the last 3 rules more then once might eventually get you a range ban)

    Admin rules:

    The main job of an admin is to make sure no-one breaks the rules and to make sure the (lower lvl) players have fun. Now that in itself should just about cover everything about being admin but just to clarify:

    • Administrators should guide players and explain things to them about the server/script.
    • All player rules apply to admins too, admins should be an example and not "power-hungry above-the-law rules-don't-apply-to-me i- can-do-whatever-i-want !@#$%^&"
    • Power tripping admins WILL lose lvl's, or worse.
    • Administrators are not allowed to openly (in the server without using /pm or /cb 40) discuss the functioning/disfunctioning of other administrators.
    • If there's a complaint about an admin you can Forum PM Lo_Pan or Egg_Shen about it.
    • Administrators are NOT allowed to make threats to players, or violate their privacy in any way or form. Doing so will result in demotion, or worse.
    • Administrators are no longer allowed to undo psw settings from other Administrators unless Egg_Shen or Lo_Pan decide otherwise after a log investigation.

    Name change:

    • Administrators are allowed to change there name in the server, and forum, but need to stay in the Administrator member group and keep the server and forum name the same.
    • - Note: You will have to deal with role play mode as well regarding the name change and rp props.
    • - Note: When you change your name, players might wonder who you are, so explain it when asked.
    • - Note: The responsibility for changing your name on the admin list and evaluation list is your own, please change that as well and notify me of the name change as soon as possible.

    Taking action:

    • If someone is breaking the rules, tell them what they're doing wrong and display the rules.(and explain them if necessary)
    • If they keep breaking the rules warn them again. (make sure they've read what you said)
    • If they are still breaking rules you should freeze or mute them, depending on what rules they break.
    • /rpsw/rmute/rkick and other range commands are only to be used in very extreme cases when a normal ban has no result.
    • You must be swift and just in taking admin actions, so don't discuss whatever happened, just tell them not to do it again or take action directly. (depending on how many warnings etc you've given before)
    • Do not mute/freeze players just because they have a different opinion.
    • The "Be nice" thing goes double for admins, no matter what !@#$% hole you encounter on the server, no matter what names they call you, admins MUST stay polite at all times!


    • Players/admins will be judged by their behavior on the STONED freeroam server only, i don't care about what they do on the street, on MSN or on Uranus.
    • Being administrator lvl 1 or 2 comes with responsibility and the need of a mature and respectful attitude towards players and fellow Admins.
    • Administrators are suppose to be an example for players, and lower level Admins, non-Admin like behavior (breaking the server rules, having a non-Admin like attitude, etc) can result in demotion.
    • If you are no longer willing or able to put in the needed time, you shouldn't stay admin, and will loose your Admin level.


    Send a forum pm to Lo_Pan or Egg_Shen.

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